Mark Durham, the man behind the canvas is a native Southerner with a knack for storytelling and erratic behavior, both on and off of his canvases.

Mark is an animal lover and artist by nature, which is reflected in his gritty style and intensity of his artwork.

 "...the next Andy Warhol."- USA Weekend Magazine

His passions aretrying to experience God, his family, art, and daydreaming of building  "earth ships" in New Mexico.

Although Mark is a behind the scenes kinda guy his artwork is making heads turn. National magazines and television including; Southern Living Magazine, HGTV , and Southern Living Presents have featured Mark and his head turning artwork.  USA WEEKEND Magazine dubbed Mark, "...the next Andy Warhol."  His art has a style and feel that is unique in the experience of American Pop/Folk art.

Experiencing a Mark Durham design is like looking into a kaleidoscope, you're never quite sure which angle you will see. That is exactly the point of Mark's artwork. In his opinion, " should awaken the senses."

Through his art, Mark transports our pets, friends, homes and selves from the ordinary to the extraordinary.